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Hi, I’m Chris Corkin and I make things with pixels. I am freelance creative designer from the North East England. I offer a wide range of applications, which include corporate/brand identity, print marketing, event marketing design, electronic communications, trade show materials, document management and printing. I help small and medium-sized businesses refresh and create new ventures.

I became a freelance designer back in 2005 as a side project, whilst working in the design industry (for around 7 years). To put it simply, because what I design is based upon the client's brief and requirements. I aim to generate intelligent and creative solutions that enable my clients to stand out from the competition. I try to keep things simple and effective and ensure all my solutions are engaging and appropriate.

  • Print Design

    Leaflets / Flyers / Posters / Magazines / Newsletters / Menus / Stationery / Brochures & Adverts

    Print design stimulates all of our senses and therefore has dimensions and possibilities that the digital world cannot; textures you can feel, spaces you can fill and the smell of fresh ink.

    I design custom graphics for a wide range of printed materials, from magazines to menus, flyers to brochures. In short, if you can provide the dimensions, I can provide the stunning designs.

    Should you also need your designs printed, I have excellent relations with a network of printers throughout the country and can confidently offer the most reasonable print/design packages available.

  • Logo Development

    Logos / Branding / Coporate Identity & Brand Management

    Logos are the face of every organisation from Twitter to the local butchers shop. They inspire, inform and educate their audiences, and every single one aims to both attract new customers and encourage user engagement with the products or services they offer.

    I work hard to develop logo concepts that not only look good, but will offer your business a strong platform from which to build your reputation. This ensures that you have the best possible foundation for building your business and carrying out other marketing initiatives.

    If you are looking for a new corporate identity and want to make sure you get the right image, then make sure you contact me today and ask about my logo design services.

  • Infographic Design

    Static / Interactive & Animated

    Over the past few months, I’ve been approached to design many infographics and they have quickly become one of the largest areas of my business.

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with them already, an infographic is essentially a way of converting dry statistics into fun, easy to digest illustrations.

    They’re a fantastic marketing tool as they really get the reader involved in the topic, as opposed to black and white written data which they may well just ignore.

Let’s get together for a cuppa and see what we can do!

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You'll get a full time graphic designer! I work directly with clients offering the same services as any graphic design agency. I work closely with photographers, illustrators, copywriters and printers – whatever your project demands.

Quality with less overheads

Means more creative bang for your marketing pennies. No fluffy account managers + no plush offices (well not in a swanky glass building on a riverside!) + sleak company cars to pay for = Better rates. Simple.


Me and only me. Everything from the brief taker, to senior creative and finally the account manager in one funky box. One single point of contact from start to finish. No confusion or complexity. Just your project delivered without fuss, but with maximum impact.